What’s In Your Bag?


Atlas and Penelope. Yes, we named our bags.

I tried to make a video while I packed, but had a delightful amount of technical difficultly. Instead, I pulled up some videos of the techniques I personally use to get everything into carry on!

Cathy’s  bag

  •  Zuca Pro. No matter what type of bag you take, I highly recommend packing cubes!
  • If you want to see my actual packing list, click here.
  • I use packing cubes, and take it one step further by bundle packing my clothes in to the packing cubes.  I find that I can get a  lot more clothes into the cube when I use the bundle packing method.
  • I put liquids (like my foundation and concealer) into contact lens cases.  No need to take the whole bottle! (Full disclosure- I don’t wear much makeup in general!)
  • We don’t take much.  Take a few days worth of clothes.  Wash them in the sink as you go.  It’s not always fun, but it IS awesome to not have to haul around a huge bag.  It’s not as hard as you’d think either.  Less stuff=less to carry and less to lose.
  • Bring a fordable duffel bag that folds flat in your bag.  Here’s one secret- I DO sometimes check my bag on the way back.  We’ll pack the essentials in the duffel to carry on, and then check our actual bags.  A lost bag on the way home is a lot easier to deal with than a lost bag on the way there.

I hope this helps!  I think “How do you get everything into carry-ons” was the #1 question people asked me. (Other than “Sri where?” that is. 🙂


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