Good Morning Asia!



Well, we made it.  It was 26 long hours, but we made it.

The flight to London was uneventful.  We finally saw Argo, and both liked it.

The Sri Lankan airlines flight was like a party bus in the sky.  Lots of people took advantage of the free alcohol the whole way there! It made for entertaining people watching.  The flight attendants had beautiful uniforms, and they really kept us fed.  We even got real silverware with our meals.

There were lots of children on the flight, and the attendants paid special attention to them.  They got them juice and snacks before we’d even left the gate, and got them their meals first.  They were also attentive in entertaining the kids.  I wish I had been on Sri Lankan air during those long flights to Europe as a child.

We did have one eventful moment.  A woman got sick and ended up keeling over in the aisle.  Several people pressed their call buttons, but it was the one time that the flight attendants did not come right away.  Cathy ended up going to the galley, and was impressed with how FAST the flight attendant sprung into action.  Shout out to Angela- her training really showed!  The woman was helped back to her seat after laying down in the aisle for awhile with her husband and the flight attendant helping her.  We’re not sure what was wrong with her, but she seemed really miserable, poor thing.

We arrived at the crack of dawn.  We were pretty much dead on our feet, and stumbled through the airport, customs, and getting a ride.  Our hotel is nice and quiet, and they got us in fairly quickly considering we stumbled in hours before check in time.  We meant to take a brief nap, but woke up 6 hours later.

Now we’re off to the hotel for dinner.  We’re planning on an early bedtime.


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