We are MUCH more awake today!

We don’t have too many zany adventures to report.  🙂  When we planned the trip, we planned to take the first few days to do nothing and relax.  So far, that’s all we’ve done, and it’s been great!

While we wait for adventure, we’ve been eating.  I promised my mother (Hi Mom!) that I’d take pictures of all food, and I started on Sri Lankan airlines.  The food was DELICIOUS, so we’re extra excited to taste non-airline Sri Lankan food.

But first, a view from the flight tracker.


We got to fly over lots of places- including Iraq!

Airline Food- Chicken

Kirk’s meal- chicken and cabbage. SO good!


This was also some kind of fish dish, also delicious!  We were impressed that we got real plates and silverware.


Here’s our hotel pool.  I’m pretty much delirious with exhaustion here.


A view of the back of our hotel.  We’re staying at a Ramada- chosen exclusively for it’s proximity to the airport and the hotel restaurant, which has been delicious and strangely European in its offerings.


They are building (repairing?) something near out hotel.  Plus bonus foliage!

We’re going to take it easy again today.  We hope that we are able to keep updating pictures.  We made the tactical error of forgetting a cord for our camera, so we are limited to computers that will take our SD card.


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