Baby steps, baby steps.


Yesterday was soooo relaxing.

We did (almost) nothing, and it was everything we thought it could be.

We were still recovering from jet lag, so we decided to take it easy.  After breakfast in the hotel, we took a walk down the road.  Drivers here are…adventurous, to say the least.  Honking the horn seems to be a method of communication rather than a “I’m going to crash” signal.  It was chaotic and noisy as we walked down the road from our hotel.


Breakfast.  Croissant, cheese, pineapple, yogurt, and beans.  Plus tea.  The tea here is DELICIOUS.  Kirk and I confuse them by not wanting milk or sugar in it.


This fountain is  right outside our hotel near the guard shack.  It’s very pretty!


It took Kirk a shocking amount of time to get a picture of a tuk-tuk in action.  They drive fast and furious around here!


This place is very much like Hawaii when it comes to pretty flowers.


Cathy made a new friend.  This cow was tied right near the road.  She did not seem to mind having her picture taken.

We came back to the hotel for a long nap, and then watched TV in our room.  Many of the channels are in English, and we get the BBC news, which is nice.  We also lounged around the pool for awhile.


We had dinner again at the hotel.  The soup was insanely delicious.  The rice was very good as well, and Kirk enjoyed the spicy beans a lot!


Cathy tried the cole slaw and the chicken, which was pretty good.  Her favorite part was the soup (corn?) and the fish.

Our days are going to get a bit more hectic soon.  The rest of our travel party arrives tomorrow, and we’ll zoom off to Wadduwa for the wedding.


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