The Group Has Landed


Today started with our alarm blaring at 4 AM. We had to be ready for our party to pick us up! We came a little bit early, and the rest of our travel group was getting here today.

Since breakfast was not open, we decided to do something new and exciting- order room service. We have never done so before. It was not terribly expensive, and the menu was simple, so we figured it would not take long. Eggs, toast, tea, and cereal. Easy peasy, right?

Kirk made the call, and then we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

We started to wonder if they were our searching every chicken nest on the island for the perfect eggs or something. We were also starting to worry- we were scheduled to meet our group at 6 AM, and wanted to have time to eat our breakfast.

Finally Kirk called again, and they said it would be up shortly.

The knock sounded, Kirk opened the door…and the biggest tray of food EVER was hauled in by the room service guy.


Ya’ll. Take a look at this. We just stared at it in horror for several minutes. We ordered for two, and a week’s worth of breakfast arrived. It was delicious, and we sort of wished we’d ordered one at start of our stay. We would have had breakfast for days. DAYS. We were sad to leave what we had to leave. We are surrounded by poverty here, which makes wasting food feel a lot more wasteful.

Dinusha and the rest of the party arrived right on time. We knew that travel had been arranged, but we were not expecting a giant, air conditioned bus to pull up. We were traveling in style. It was a two hour ride to our new hotel.

Here’s some shots from our ride through Colombo. It was chaotic and crowded, with lots of honking and crazy driving. We both agree that we are wayyyyy to big of wimps to drive here. Not that we planned on it- but should the need arise, we’re pretty much screwed.


Traffic. So. Much. Traffic.


This is a hospital, according to the sign.  So pretty!


There were tons (TONS!) of car and car part stores.


And random, buildings.


And Buddha statures everywhere.  They’re really pretty!  Lots were behind glass.


Kirk’s coworker Malika apparently has a secret life out in Sri Lanka.

Fun Fact: “Hotel” often means “restaurant” and not sleeping quarters.


Cathy managed to get this shot of a guy on a boat while we flew over a bridge.  They are not KIDDING with their driving in this country.


A stadium.


We arrived at our hotel about two hours later.

This is EASILY the nicest hotel Kirk or I have ever stayed in.  It is a stunning resort.  It is right out of a magazine.

I made a video tour of our room, because it was just too pretty to get in pictures.  We are way too excited about this room.

Our hotel is RIGHT BY the Indian Ocean.  We can hear the waves.


Kirk modeling the Indian Ocean.


We had lunch here- finally, Sri Lankan food!  Lots of rice, lots of curries.  We had lots of  fish!  Cathy was worried about liking the food, but she does.


Here’s the pool.  The water was warm.


Pretty flower by the beach.

Tomorrow’s another relaxing “free” day.  We’re thinking of getting a massage or something, as this hotel is also a spa.  We’re about to head off to dinner, and can’t wait to see what new things we’re going to taste tonight.


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