And now…a word from Kirk.


We started the day after our first continuous night of sleep. It was quite refreshing. We hadn’t been able to sleep in more than 3 or 4 hour chunks the past few days. We met the group for breakfast, which was very similar to the British breakfasts that we had at the Ramada, so we didn’t take any pictures of the food. On our way back to the room after breakfast, we saw a land monitor lizard. It was pretty big; about 2 feet long. We’ve seen a couple more of them since then, so they seem to be pretty common here.


We didn’t have any scheduled group activities today, so we thought it would be perfect day to get some spa treatments. Cathy got a head massage and Kirk got an arm massage. Both of which were great (thanks Linda!). At the end of the massages, they gave some sort of herbal tonic shot glass to us (it tasted like cough syrup). It was a nice relaxing way to start the day.

Afterward, Cathy got changed into her bathing suit as she intended to go swimming. But we detoured to the beach first and summoned our adventurous spirit and actually let our feet touch the Indian Ocean. We did get this picture of a small crab (about long 2” from left to right). We were told by a couple of the late night folk in our group that the really big ones were everywhere on the beach last night, so we’ll try to check that out tonight.


We then decided to be beach bums for a spell and we got a couple of chairs and sat reading in the shade and listening to the waves roll in. Quite relaxing. I think we might Photoshop a Corona beer into this picture and see if we can’t get some advertisement money from Corona.


Kirk started making this walking tour of the resort area (We will put that up later.) While doing that, he found that much of the group was planning on finding a place to eat in the area outside of the resort. So Cathy cut her swimming plans and we joined in the adventure! We walked probably 20 mins and with some direction from locals (thank goodness we have two people who can speak the language!) ended up eating here.


Cathy and I joined another couple to do some errands in the town proper, in which we took a bus from our lunch restaurant. Our errands done, we took another tuk-tuk ride back to the resort (4 people was about the most that could “ comfortably” fit into a tuk-tuk.

We ran into some of our other group members at the bar, and split a Lion beer between us and had a nice chat for an hour or so. The girls in the group managed to pluck Cathy away to get their nails done before the wedding. The nail salon in the resort had closed for the day, so they ventured to some near-by salon to get it done.  She’ll share that adventure later!


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