The Wedding, Sri Lanka Style!


Today was the wedding, and all we can say is WOW.  Just…wow.  This wedding was easily the most elaborate wedding we have ever personally witnessed.

It started early.  The driver picked us up at 7:30 AM to take us to the Blue Water Resort where the wedding took place.  We were tired- but it was nothing to what Dinusha must have felt.  She had to start getting ready at 3 AM! She warned us that we may not recognize her when we saw her, and she was right!  She was wearing a lot of makeup, and looked fantastic.

We got there in time to see some of the pictures being taken.  They had quite the set up.  There were three photographers and a videographer, and they had all sorts of equipment   They had bright lights that they carried around to light the way.  We felt for Dinusha and Keir under those hot lights for so long, but they *did* look fantastic!


Din’s sari was stunning.  It had beads and all sorts of beautiful details on it.  She also wore a veil that was six YARDS long.  YARDS.  It was a lot of fabric, but it looked amazing.





It was a Buddhist ceremony.  We had gone up to sit down and wait for it to start, but the wedding planner came and got us.  He wanted us with the groom’s procession.  We went allllllll the way down to the parking lot area, where a team of dancers with drums were waiting.   They started playing and dancing, and we walked alllll the way back to the wedding room.   It was really cool.  The dancers were wearing traditional costumes and danced and sang the whole way.  


 When we got to the ceremony place, they turned around and went to get the bride and her family.  Then they danced in the ceremony place for awhile.  One guy did a pretty impressive flip!  Here’s a video of the bride arriving.   The flip is recorded here!

The actual ceremony was a lot of bowing and handing over of leaves and gifts.  They also tied string around the bride and groom’s fingers, poured water over their hands, and impressively chopped a coconut in half with a machette!   Here’s a pretty good description of the type of wedding that they had.

After the lighting of a unity candle type thing, four girls in white dresses sang to them.


Then they cut the cake.  They fed it to each other, then took turns feeding the family members.

Then they went and sat on a special couch for pictures/a receiving line.


We were given a boxed piece of wedding cake as a favor.


 There was dancing and food afterward.  We did our best at getting a picture of the ice sculpture, but it was in the food line and we had to keep it moving.


After the food and dancing, the bride and groom went to change, and then came back and sat on the special couch again.  Dinusha had a new hairstyle for the new dress.


After all the pictures, they left under a shower of confetti and flower petals.


By the time it was all said and done, we were there nearly 7 hours.  Kirk and I came back and took a long nap.

Tomorrow morning we leave for the tour of the island.  We are not sure what kind of internet access we are going to have once we leave this incredible hotel, but we hope to continue updating.


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