Day 12: Elephants!


Suggested music to read to is located here.  Go on. I’ll wait.

Today we went to the Elephant Orphanage.  It was totally a tourist trap, but we don’t even care!  It was fun and sweet to see all the elephants.  Cathy even shelled out an extra 250 rupees to feed one of the baby elephants a bottle of milk.


The elephants are on a schedule.  It’s a hard life, with all that eating and hanging out at the lake.


They seemed to be enjoying the “hang around and eat leaves” time.


We were pretty done by today.  Everybody was hot, it was humid, several people were still not feeling great, and I think we were all ready to go home.  Still, elephants!


You’ll note that they are not in cages.  They did chain the bulls, but that was more to protect the elephants and babies than to protect us.  They did have handlers that were near, but there were no real fences.  We saw several warning signs reminding us that they were not pets.

I think the best part was lunch, but not because of the food!  The restaurant was located right by the lake the elephants hang out in during lake time.  We had great seats for elephant viewing.



ElephantLakeNaptimeThis elephant was taking a nap in the lake.  It’s easy when you have a built in snorkel!


Kirk demonstrates how hot and tired we were on this day.

After this, we went to the hotel in Colombo for our final night in Sri Lanka.  Kirk and I were not on the same flight as everyone, so we got to sleep.  Everyone else left Colombo at 12:30 am for their flight.  We felt for them!


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